I SPY : Eugenico Recuenco

High time I shifted the focus away from my ME ME ME and looked at some pretty pictures once again. The photographer artiste that has fallen into my kaleidoscope of fancy this time is:

Eugenico Recuenco

For me his "cinematographic" work is compelling, exciting and rich in story telling.

I coul stare at his work for hours. I shall probably dream in Recuenco tonight.
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Forgive my Absence

Dear readers, I have been stricken with a dreaded malady!! I know, I am prone to heightened dramatics but I have the flu and have been feeling wretched and poorly and frankly very sorry for myself.

I hope to be up and about and sauntering around back to my old blogging tricks tomorrow.

Till then I am snuggled up with a fluffy quilt, adorned with a face mask, hot lemon in hand and immersed in the world of Hercule Poirot.

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Blistering Barnacles!!!

I was a propa TinTin fan when I was a young un!

Never cared much for TinTin nor Snowy. For me, it was all about Captain Haddock and his barmy expletives! He was a man with a ummm "unique" way with words. Here are some choice cuts from the Captain's log:

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles".
"Miserable blundering barbecued blister . . . "
"Dunderheaded coconuts! "

Anyway the point of my mentioning of this lovable cranky character is this: I bought a dress and thought to myself "OOOOOOH CAPTAIN HADDOCK" but it turns out that my imagination has been splicing things and playing silly buggers with me AGAIN. I hereby conclude that the dress is not very Captain-like AT ALL!! Ah well...I still love it!

So here is a quick and breezy LOTD which has nothing to do with the Captain but much to do with my love for the combination of gold and navy!


Jamilla gave me this lippy! It's the Dior Addict High Shine one in Flamenco Red.

Me ole mug!

I am definitely more of a mug than a china cup me thinks. But if care to know what I painted my face with here is the list:

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

UD Shadows in: Sin, Sell Out, YDK

UD liners in : Zero and Rockstar

Dior Lippy: Flamenco Red

Becca Creme Blush: Hyacinth - just a touch so I don't look like a total clown.

NARS Multiple: Copacabana - Works amazingly well in toning down and adding shimmer to Becca Creme Blush....like a blush corrector.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara.

been playing with online photo editors in my search for funky frames. Oh but this is my new dress. Grabbed it from FCUK for a bargain price in their pre-Crimbo sale. Yup 50% off!

Dazzled my me buttons.
Forgot to put on my shoes! ooooops!

There you 'ave it me hearties! I promised those who requested a couple more outfit posties and I think I have delivered.

I will be doing a fancy little giveaway soon so do follow me if you want in! For this prize will only be up for grabs to those who been following before the contest goes up. I prefer to remember my loyal readers than to attract more. I wonder if that is terribly pretentious of me?
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Thou Art the Muse of Muses.

I have decided that the word MUSE is chucked about rather flippantly these days. Do you agree?
Well I tripped over my own amazement when I read about the most remarkable woman in a copy of A Child of A Jago’s free mag. I now feel compelled to tell you all about her.

Grab a cuppa and get cosy for story time has come around again at Worship at the House of Blues.

Marchesa Luisa Casati

Behind those dark kohl smudged eyes, that vermilion lipstick and her lithe haunting image lays a curious tale of a fascinating woman known as Marchesa Luisa Casati. Born in Milan into a wealthy family, she gained her title by marrying into aristocracy.

Casati became known throughout Europe for her flamboyant and bizarre eccentricities, never ceasing to wow and fascinate all that knew of her. For three decades she astounded and influenced artists, poets and writers. In fact she is one of the most artistically represented women in history.


Well, this is the juiciest part of the tale! I need you to kick your imagination in gear OK? Prepare to be stunned:
Picture this……

A woman, naked under her lavish fur coats, promenading down Venice’s streets after midnight. What was she doing? Why walking her cheetahs of course! Upon diamond studded leashes nonetheless.

Picture this…..

Her dining table lay host to silent wax mannequins rumoured to be crafted in the likeness of past lovers.

Picture this…..

A woman dripping with Lalique designed jewels on one occasion. Ok not sooooo rare but not every woman had directly influenced Cartier!! Yes my dears Casati was the true influence behind the famous panther design.

Picture this……

A woman who wore live snakes as jewellery……..(not something I would hope to replicate!)

Picture this…….

A woman attended by naked male servants painted gold.

Picture this ……..

Decadent masked balls in one of her palaces where you might catch a glimpse of her wearing a stole of a freshly killed chicken or you may take a walk in her walled garden to visit her menagerie where you may be subject to a shower of abuse from her verbose parrot. Or perhaps meet her albino crows, boa or ocelot.


And aside from all her outrageous behaviour she was a patron to the arts. She commissioned hundreds of works of her own image. Vanity? Undoubtedly! But also fuelled by her wish for immortality……to be remembered. How could we forget!


Her rampant opulence and outlandish lifestyle accumulated a hefty debt of $25 million. Her estates and personal possessions were auctioned off to appease her debtors. Rumour would have us believe that Coco Chanel was among the bidders. Nevertheless after all was lost and gone Marchesa Luisa Casati fled to London where we lived a meagre lifestyle of a comparatively humble existence.


It is rumoured that she was seen on more than one occasion rummaging through rubbish on a hunt for feathers and other pretty fings to decorate her hair and hats with.

I hear that she lived 32 Beaufort Gardens, South London where she past away on the 1st June 1957. She was buried wearing her black and leopard skin finery, false lashes and one of her taxidermy Pekinese dogs. Her grave is in London and her gravestone aptly reads from Shakespeare:

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety.”

Casati has left her influence on the world of fashion and art and has had Lagerfeld, Gallliano, Dior and many many others citing her in their work.

Marchesa Luisa Casati, is my muse for her devotion to creativity, for her originality, for her boldness. Each time I read about her I find yet another reason to be amazed. Secretly, when I hear her story, I feel a little braver in letting out my eccentricities….

I have heard that her grave is difficult to find. But yet I feel the urge to seek it out……….

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The Chamber of The Dolls - Volume 1

I do apologise for my brief absence. I am sure you all know the feeling when life decides to twist and snap and chuck a howler in your face. But I am going to put aside my melancholy for a while and blog to forget myself.

Things may be a deeper shade of blue these days but my heart never fails to swell when I glance upon my enchanting and beautiful "dolls".

Narcotica Fantastica

The doll that larks after dark.

Ebony lipped, porcelain narc.

Narcotica Fantastica


Wears black lace while she sips green tea.

Big gold heart betwixt bewbies! LOL

My ooooooooh la la beloved!

With dainty hands a gloved.

A vision of grace.

Oooh La La Beloved

I am still collecting picture and some of you may find a little plea in your inbox requesting permission to add you into my chamber of dolls. I do so love seeing people wear their pieces ....it's such a joy!! So if you would like to send a picture PLEASE DO, I won't plaster it up on my blog if you don't want me to.


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Eye Spy - Izima

So here I am playing EYE SPY with myself, and then I get this email from a "silent reader" who actually appreciates my whimsical efforts to inject some kinda art into my daily blog farts. YAY!!! So this one is for you my silent one and other's who get a little spark from my Spying game.

I am truly entranced by the work of this artist. I mean, really mesmerized by his landscapes with comatose (or are they dead?) yet still shockingly pretty ladies as features.

Karena Lam wearing Gaultier

Hashimoto Reika wearing MILK

Sakai Maki wearing Jil Sander

Sato Eriko as Cats Eye

Kuroki Meisa wearing Gucci

Koike Eiko wearing Versace

Kimura Yoshino wearing McQueen

Tomosaka Rie wearing Miu Miu

I fancy being shot in such a way! LOL. Where would I choose as my backdrop?
hmmmmm either dump me back in the savannah near a leopard or perhaps in an east London back street. I am not fussy!
If any of you ladies fancy doing a LOTD based on this.....PLEASE DOOOOOOO!!! Who knows, there may even be a little treasure of a prize in store for you.
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Naked - A Necklace

I have a current lust for nude hues, naked looking colours. They look clean, innocent yet so ooooooomph! Anyhoo here is my latest Beaux Necklace:


Make crystal shapes....

Under the Flash


Just a little detail

Nil by flash


Just a two gold plated bows, strings of Swarovski Crystals Pearls in Creamrose and Swarovski Crystals in Silk in various shapes and Sizes.

This necklace measures approx 23inches and has a connector chain to enable you to adjust the length.

Cost: £25.00


All UK purchases will be sent FREE via standard 1st Class mail. I can send this with Recorded Delivery for £2.00

Postage to all other destinations will be £2.50 via standard international mail or £4.50 with tracking.
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