Reviews and Loose Screws

You must be a little fed up of me flogging fings on here!? It is high time that I did a little review and blabbed on about other bits and bobs!
The thing about making friends in London is that so many people seem to be in a state of transition. Here today - off tomorrow; that kind of thing. So when a buddy of mine plotted her return to her homeland she dumped some super things on me to lighten her load. Naturally, I was more than happy to help a friend in need.
She left this with me:
YSL 3 in One Cleansing Water Radiance Revealer

I have been using this dutifully for the past 10 days and here is my assessment:

Smells rather posh! Sort of citrus, woody, clean (not obviously like yuzu). Takes off make up nice and easy and leaves no icky residue (it is oil free). Stings like a bumble bee when you use it to remove eye make up but other than that it is a breezey way to remove a plastering of make up without rubbing.


It reminds me of the Mandom Cleansing Express and SANA Easy Peel Facial Water. In fact you are much better off getting one of those than this poncy stuff (sorry YSL)!!! They do exactly the same thing and are a fraction of the price.

The YSL website Blurb:

"This pure, crystal-clear water, enriched with revitalising yuzu, ensures instant make-up removal for the face and eyes, while toning the skin."

More giftage from my buddy!

She was adamant that the Shu Uemura Blush in Gold 94 would bring some warmth to my anaemic face and that the MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle would add some zing to my complexion.

She was sooooo right! I am loving these things!

I would like to invite you to take a little mosey with me through my little make up stash!

Let's start with my drawers ....oh er missus, I mean my top drawer!

I like these muji organisers! Cheap and brilliant.

Top drawer = eye pencils and mascara.

Those super skinny precision ambition eyeliners from Japan have my heart. My favourites are the KATE Super Sharp liners and the Lavshuca Slim Liner.

Today's loose screw is my admission to wanting start shaped boiled eggs! Found this contraption in Japan Centre and I will give it a go very soon!

Star shaped eggs would make anyone smile wouldn't they?

Before I head back to my pliers and shiny fings I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all that have supported the return of Worship at the House of Blues to jewellery making!


  1. I loveeee liquid (sharp) liners too! I can't believe I am still using the one I got LAST year! I think it's time to buy a new one this holiday, dontcha think? ;)

    You gotta show me how that MSF looks on you, I LOVE all MSF tings! I want the entire collection!!!

  2. kpalette put out a super sharp liner recently
    the tip is super fine!

  3. Thats amazing! Your drawers looks very glamour! Lovely eye liners!!!

  4. I've picked up the Kate Super Sharp too, but mine's a fatter version. Yay to the Mineralize skinfinish, not sure if it should be used as a bronzer/contourer but I do.

  5. those are some mighty fine points on those liners! soft and gentle looks like such a pretty MSF - grace us with a photo of you wearing it sometime soon?

  6. ooh you're so organised. my makeup stash is shamefully organised. =/

    Those liners look goood. I've always loved kate products.

  7. I love your drawer - so clean and organized!

    And LOL. I wanted to get one of those things for poaching eggs too but SO said no, we didn't need something like that ;_;

  8. My stash is hidden in caches all around the house, like a little squirrel. You are v organised.

  9. so glad you're back to jeweling<3

    what an awesome organizer!! clear and everything! quite jealous O__O

  10. Anemic?! I don't think so!! O_o BUt I agree with L.. I wanna see you with the pretty on!! ;)

    And star shaped boiled eggs huh?! I'd eat um! MMMmmmm... LOL! ;)

  11. Your make up stash is so neat and organized compared to my mountain of junk on my bathroom counter lol...

    I would love to finally buy a shiny fing from you, but I always get here too late :( Hopefully I'll beat someone to it one of these days!

  12. Oh my WORD awesome egg thing. I want happy eggs too!


  13. Lovely goodies!! I love weird Japanese cooking gadgets!!

    I am SO HAPPY that you are back to jewelry making!


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