Pretty Things That Caught My Eye - Clocks

Gather round folks for I have much to report on in this edition of "Pretty Things That Caught My Eye".
This time round I have been gawping at Clocks. The measure of that old Master that we call Time.
Worship at the House of Blues Loves Clocks and here are but a few of my favourites.

Cucu Designed by Pascal Tarabay for Diamantini & Domeniconi in 2005

Transforming 3D tradition to 2D modern .

More details here!

Millelancette designed by Fabrica in 2009 for Diamantini & Domeniconi

Silver Ghost Clock Designed by Yee Ling Wan

Get yours here

Designed by one of my favourite product designers for an exhibition for Isetan Living. There is little that Naoto Fukasawa designs that I don't like.

We actually own the clock above. Known as the Eye Clock (strangely enough) and designed by George Nelson in 1957. There was something rather African about it, which is why we bought it from Vitra.

Eye Clock details Here!

The Koekoek Clock Designed by Thornsten Van Elten and made with ceramic and feathers.

I actually want this clock for my future "daydreaming chamber" haha.

More details here!

So there you have it! I am afraid that I am a rather detail obsessed kook. I spend far too long wandering about design stores. The only reason I do it is to seek out things that really reflect my personality. Our little home is filled with curious little things that tell stories about us both. That's how we like it.


  1. I spotted your Eye Clock in a few pics in the past and adore it. I love this post, Why? As I've been searching for Mr.Clock for quite some time but haven't gotten round to finding something I want, other than the following, so will definitely be checking out the above.

  2. This makes me think about the fantastics medival clock in the main square in Prague...a real fantasy!

  3. mmmmm;) very much liking the silver ghost clock.. i need to replace my sailor moon clock for some quirky design haha! x

  4. My clock at my dads has just the hands, and then numbers to stick on where you like, but I didn't like the stick on numbers so I just drew them on the wall. It's amazing!


  5. Very pretty clocks! I especially love your Eye Clock and the Ghost clock! Now I wish I had put more thought into my clock purchase...

  6. i really like the silver ghost clock! I also really like it when you post pictures because its always very interesting& different, but very beauty related=]

  7. Those are so cool looking, I really dig the Ghost clock and the Koekoek design.

  8. very unique designs! I love the Ghost Clock! They're just something about it that calls to me! ANd the EYE Clock is soo you!

  9. Ooooh, love the first clock especially! I hope to have interesting clocks in my house when I finally get one. We only have boring clocks currently...

  10. those clocks are quite unique! I've always noticed your eye clock in your pics :)

    btw I noticed that you mentioned having both of the new LE Visee palettes...would you be able to do comparison swatches sometime? Am curious to see how they compare :D thanks!


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