7 Things

This just a quick note to let you know that I will be making 7 more things to offer you before I take break to dream up new ideas.

The first of the 7 will be released tomorrow.
In the interim, here is a list of some shiny fings you can expect to jump off your screen:
Ornithology Cosmic - The Earrings
Get off my Back - The Necklace
Attachment - Earrings
Naked - A Necklace



  1. I WANT PREVIEWS!! LOL! Not that I have the $$ right now to buy anything.. I need to save up for a new car... *Sigh* But seeing your shiny fings will certainly brighten up any day! :)

  2. Hi,I like your blog very much!glad you are back with your handmade jewelry too^_^ hopefully can own your beautiful & unique necklace somedays..
    please drop by at my new blog whenever you've time.Thank you<3

  3. .... youuu, youuuu lil jewel teaser!!!

    I'm so curious about the "nekkid necklace" and "get off my back"... can't wait!

  4. get off my back necklace? sounds intriguing.. =D I can't wait to see the products!

  5. Ah the cosmic earrings look soo cute!! Can't wait :)

  6. wooots!!..i;m going to stalk your blog!XD


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