Worship's GIVEAWAY!!

I need suggestions, ideas, brain waves and inspiration.

In exchange I am offering a necklace and some other treats for the winning idea.

My sister and I are planning to saunter out on Halloween in costume….but we don’t know what to masquerade as. Any thoughts?

We will choose the best idea for our very own costume drama and will post the pics on this blog.

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Visit my dear friend’s blog here WuzzyAngel and then spread the word on your blog, FB, Twitter or however you choose.

2. Leave your idea as a comment to this post together with a note to let me know how you have spread Wuzzy’s message.

Links to better illustrate your idea as well as to demonstrate your support to the important cause that Wuzzy is championing are very very welcome.

DEADLINE: 25th October 2009

If your idea is chosen then my sister and I will dress up and step out and take pics of our adventure with your inspiration.


Black and white glass cameo with gold plated chain and setting.

Sonia Rykiel cream eyecolour in light pink and some Suqqu foundation samples.

I can't wait to hear from you!!

Multiple entries welcome.



    LOL how about Raggedy Ann & Andy?! haha.. I just thought of siblings! But you could put your own twist on them! Yah.. my suggestion is lame! LOL! HOpe you get lots of great ideas!

  2. Hi OC! I've put a link from my blog to Wuzzy's breast cancer awareness post, and have said I've had my mammogram this month too!

    Re: Suggestions, I think a breast theme would be good. How about Marie Antoinette and her servant ;-)

  3. omg u reminded me to do something abt wuzzy's post, i am going to do it when i get back to tokyo, just so nuts at the moment

    i want u guys dressed up as twins hahahah

  4. Hi Love!!! 1. What about characters from Kill Bill..?? You get to walk around with swords all day..lol 2. Mr & Mrs. Pac Man? 3. Or someone could be a doctor & the other could be the operation game character. 4.Devil with the blue dress on?

  5. Oh..I did my entry for Wuzzy's post already. =)

  6. Ehmm... Maybe the sisters from A tale of two sisters? I've never watched this horror movie but the cover looks good for Halloween haha. Ooo or The white/red queen/The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland(Tim Burton)! The make up and costumes are awesome :D Ganguro girls?! Haha hope this helps! Good luck!

  7. It erased my comment T__T

    Maybe you could be Geisha? I just love the idea of seeing you in the beautiful fabric haha. Yayy! In the vein of pretty dresses, maybe you could be 1920s flappers?

    Or you could do Beyonce in the SIngle Ladies outfits? Though it'd probably be easier if there were four of you.

    I am SOOOO bad at thinking of costumes. I've worked Halloween the last 3 years so I Haven't had to dress up. XD;

  8. I have spread wuzzyangels word!:)


    Don't know if i'm saying this twice cause I think my last comment failed...

  9. i spread the word on motojewelry ;)

    mime and puppeteer? or rather puppet and puppeteer ;P

  10. I think since you are sisters, go dressed as the Boleyn sisters... Mary & Anne.
    Twitted about Wuzzy's contest on my twitter

  11. I have changed my mind and think that you should go as Anna Wintour and your sister could be Karl Lagerfeld. Or vice versa. You`d just need a wig!

  12. i spread the word on twitter http://twitter.com/Eviee89 =)

    hmm you guys can dress up as an angel and a devil =) (hehe the uncreative me)

  13. I've blogged WuzzyAngel's giveaway here http://mintfusion.blogspot.com/2009/10/breast-cancer-awareness.html. I plan to do a something pink post later too. =)

    costume suggestions: I think you two should do a Day/Night or Light/Evil Elves theme! This way you two can both have a lot of freedom to show your personality in your costume and props. It'll look fantastic with the long pointed ears and different props like fans or weapons =D


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