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The Story of the "Shiny Fing"

Got some time to spare for a story??

Go get a cuppa or what ever your poison may be....I will wait!

The Story of the "Shiny Fing"
I put my hands up! I borrowed this phrase from a kiddy book! Yes I am not ashamed to admit I read kid's books. I don't go in for none of that 'arry Potter twaddle.....I prefer that on screen truth be told. I go for the stuff that makes my belly jiggle with giggles. Stuff like this:


Well he is a mean, grumpy old man with "two bloodshot eyes that stare out at you like an octopus in a bad cave”. He hates “children, animals, fun and corn on the cob”. His favourite TV show is Bag Of Sticks (a picture of a bag of sticks for half an hour). He is the main villain and friends with Billy William the Third. "Shabba me whiskers" is his favourite phrase.


This is an excerpt from the book;

And there he sat, right in the middle of all that chaos, sprawled on a great throne made from a rusty dentist’s chair he’d found on the mountainside one afternoon. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and his long cruel fingers dripped with silver rings that he’d stolen off old-age pensioners. And in his big red beard sat a dark green emerald, gleaming nastily. My word, those goblins loved that big fat jewel! ‘SHINY FING!’ they’d cry whenever it caught the light. “SHINY FING! SHINY FING! SHINY FING! SHINY FIIIIIIIIIIIIING!’ All their shouting drove the Goblin King Crazy, but he had to put up with it. It was just part of the job.

At the King’s side stood his partner in dirt, a shady character known only as Burger Wizard the Third. He wore a robe made from an old sack which said LOW QUALITY PORK CHOPS, and he was smoking a pipe full of mud.

‘Fancy a little puff, me old Goblin King?’ coughed the Burger Wizard, brandishing the pipe.

There you have it my dears. Thats where my little brain was entranced by Mr Gum! Inspiration hits me from the silliest places you can imagine.

And speaking if shiny fings, I plan to make something dazzling this weekend. Something red and dazzling.

I even have some yummy to snack on! Hiro's bros GF bought me some chocolate. RED chocolate and sesame chocolate. Food for the curiouser and curiousers.

Will be back next week with a blog sale.....I need to clear out some stuff. Please take a look items to clear will include make up from (Lunasol, Dior, NARS, Visee, Jill Stuart, Kose etc)


  1. YAY! i can comment! ^___^

    hahaha, i love your inspiration. mine came from being sick for 3 weeks >__< i think your story is way more awesome <3

  2. OOoo likey this layout! Much more YOU indeed!! With a bit of WOHB in!! :) SHINY FING IS ALL MINE!!!

    I love to read picture books too!! ;)

  3. I likey your new layout, the chandaliers, chair and My Oh My that China tea cup full of vodka...I could do with a cup right now.

  4. Adorable story!! I love anything with cute, furry critters!

    Those Choccies are to die fore!!

  5. I love the new layout!!! So that's where you got Shiny Fings from! Wow, you really do get your inspirations from everywhere!

  6. I love the new layout! It definitely looks like 'you' :). And red chocolate?? Yummy!!

  7. The new layout is gorgeous! And the story is so cute where you got your 'shiny fings' from haha!

  8. your blog is awesome and you are soo talented with the sewing machine! I've recently got into sewing again seeing your stuff is really inspirational for me :D Have a great weekend!

  9. Totally agree with you there Old Cow! I'm not one for all that Harry Potter book trash... Although I can just about live with the movies!

    Ooooo look at that shiny red thing... Ooooo...

  10. I love the story behind Shiny Fing. Miss London would love that book - I'm going to have to hunt it down.

    Really liking the new layout too. x

  11. the new layout suits you :) ahhh so that's where shiny fing came from!

  12. "Something red and dazzling"? --yay!

  13. Love your new layout! :D very classy just like you :) red choco?? wow that sounds really neat :3

  14. I'm loving this layout and can't wait to see what you'll create

  15. mos def a fab layout for an even more fabulous and creative lady. you know how i love simplicity as much as i love funk'n'spunk. and WHAT is better than to acquire inspiration from a kiddy book?! jewel lovin' goblins! and uh oh, that jewel is a winner. big, blood red heart with that killa passion. do it BIG dear yasumi!

    ps. i want to dress up Rai as the boy in where the wild things are. (^_^)


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