She Loves...................

This post is a collection of fings that I LOVE.

Fings that make me smile.


Fings that I am stupidly particular about.

I LOVE wind-up toys!! I have about 10 different ones but these two volunteered for the pic.

POMELOS!!! The good thing about this time of year is that my local Turkish Supermarket stocks them again...they are sooooo yummy!! MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than grapefruit.

Japanese printed fabric. I plan to make some funky things with these.

Seaweed. In particular NORI!! Nori makes me happy. I do like wakame in my salad.

If I dont eat Japanese rice at least once a week...my tummy feels funny. It might be psychological...but it's not good.
I am so fussy with my rice. For me to enjoy it, it MUST be of the Japanese "sticky" kind. It MUST be either Akita Komachi or Kosi Hikari and it MUST be 1st harvest! Otherwise it is just bleurgh.

I guess you can describe it as rice seasoning. For as much as I adore a steaming bowl of hot pure naked rice.......I sometimes just want a bit more oooooomph!
I love this cute tenoritama container!! I take with me to work everytime I have to polish off last night's left over rice.

SHOYU or Soy Sauce
Another thing I am fussy about!!
IT HAS TO BE KIKKOMAN!! But not any Kikkoman.....it MUST be imported from Japan. Because I swear to you the stuff made in Europe DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME!!
I like the way this brand keeps the soy sauce simple and pure by only using very few ingredients and a brewing fermentation process for a full deep flavour and aroma.

Difference Between Kikkoman and Chinese Soy Sauce

My friends call me "Mayo-la"
Because I love Kewpie mayonnaise. I put it on my toast, my chips, my eggs, my everything.

I love Ferroro Rocher.
So when I was in Sicily and spotted a heap of different flavoured chocs.....strawberry, lemon and pistachio! mmmm

I think I have bored you enough today.
Looking forward to the weekend.


  1. That is the cutest furikake package ever! LOL! And wind up toys are fun. Hell any toy is fun. You should see my car.. full of 5cent toys from the vending machine at Zippy's a local food chain! LOL!

    I don't think I've ever had a Pomelo, but I love grapefruit! With lots of sugar! LOL! Kikoman is too salty for me, but I love ALOHA SHOYU Low Sodium. I should send you a bottle one day! LOL!

    Whoa.. Pistachio Roche?! MMmmm....


  2. OMG... YESSS.. I LOVE YOU!! hahahaa. i think that's all i have to say xD

  3. OMG that is the cutest Furikake shaker!! I want one! Teeheehee, I enjoyed this post. I will have to go search for imported Kikkoman now. =)

  4. Pamelos are delicious! I have one in the kitchen right now ^_~

    That is so cool that Ferrero Rocher comes in different flavors! I've only seen milk, dark chocolate, and coconut here in the US : )

  5. they have fruit flavors of rocher???? omg! how come it is not in the us yet!

  6. I had no idea Ferroro rocher came in different flavours! Interesting :)

    Fabric is SOO CUTE, and you should go visit the Rice museum when you go back to Japan - I think it's in Ginza.

  7. Wind up toys are amazing! I love these ones... :) I've never tried a pomelo though - I'll keep an eye out...


  8. pomelos are wonderful :) i had no idea ferrero rocher came in all those different flavors!

    i ♥ the alice in wonderland fabric - i think i even have a little wristlet/pouch with that exact fabric that i got from etsy!

  9. I've never heard of a pomelo before...I feel deprived..lol

  10. The Alice and Wonderland fabric is fantastic!


  11. ohhh totoro! :D
    I see lots of my fav foods here XD kewpie mayo is the best!! <3 I saw that alice fabric and I ordered the pink and the black one Im waiting for them to come! It so kawaii and elegant! ferrero rocher have different flavors?? wow

  12. Wha??? Different flavoured FR's? ummmm yummy! And how cute are those toys?

  13. Your wind up toys are adorable my dear and a BIG Yay to POMELOS- I particularly like those from Thailand...so juicy. Do you like the Ferrero Rondnoir?? Ohh So Yummy!!

  14. Here's a tidbit... my father and I collect wind-up toys and we have over 989 wind up toys to date from all over, or wherever we can find them!!!

    and officially your foodings here made me crave... i absolutely love furikake on EVERYTHING and especially that convenient kewpie mayo too!!


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