Pretty Things That Caught My Eye - "Fancy a Cuppa?"

Allow me to introduce a new feature to my blog.

I am quietly but perpetually obsessive over pretty things that catch my eye. I am crazy about details such as texture, colour, materials etc. Yup, you could call me a devil for detail!!

So my hope is to inspire or at least amuse with my little themed posts chock-a-block with designy things that made me go oooooooooooooooooh! The first of which is:


Designed by Hrafnkell Birgisson.

Glass & ceramic

Made from second hand tea cups so each one is different. I would defo sip my Stoli from these.

More Deets Here!

Plant Cup designed by Gita Gshwendtner.

I feel like Alice!!! Like I have shrunk!! One lump or two?


Drip Tease Cup & Saucer designed by Reiko Kaneko

Fine bone china and 24 carat gold.


Get yours Here!!

Half Heart Mug Designed by Reiko Kaneko

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug, The simplicity of the idea and how well it has been executed delights my tea loving soul. I love things that make me say.....OF COURSE!! NOW WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!! And this does! I am actually placing an order for this very mug...that's how much I love it.


Deets Here!

Blaue Blume Red Shoes Tea Cup - Tina Tsang

Isn't it delightful?


Get the Deets Here!

Blaue Blume Teapot Gold Shoes - Tina Tsang
Because you will need one!


Get the Deets Here!

I do hope that I haven't bored you!

Before anyone asks, I have not been asked to promote any of the above designers on my blog! (Get real; I have a tiny readership). I just felt the need to share some pictures of things that I feel are well made and pay tribute to fertile imaginations. Such things will always grab my attention for they allow people like me to express their personality through everyday objects.


  1. Your readership is so NOT tiny! LOL! I have to bookmark this post to show 'Cheese's mum later! You know she'd love these! :) The heart mug is so very simplistic yet wonderful indeed!

    ps. you could never bore me! ;)

  2. a 150 quid for a MUG?! thats insane.
    but i do love buying crockery too. =) except my love is for bowls.

  3. Hahahah Yin!! its £150 for the plant pot!

  4. love the half heart!! but i wouldn't use them is i buy these ..if i accidentally broke them, my heart will break too >.<

  5. I have my eye on Hrafnkell Birgisson glass & ceramic cup now, especially the bronzy coloured one. Thank you for sharing your love of bootiful things with us.

  6. Adorable! I never tire looking at cute crockery!

  7. The last 2 things looks so unique! Love how it looks!

  8. my fav is the gold shoes teapot!! haha. too cute to use..

  9. those leggy tea cups and pots are to die for -- and i la la love that heart design cuppy!!! what a fabulous post doll!!

  10. The heart mug is absolutely gorgeous!! Will have to look into it when I am not falling asleep :) I love tea, we definitely need to go if/when I meet you in person! :D

  11. This is such a great idea as a new feature - and I love teacups too! I don't actually like tea though (sorry!) so I'd drink hot chocolate out of them instead.... :)


  12. OOOOO those are amazing :) i love the one with the gold spilling over.. and the one that you're gonna order ;) <3

  13. loooove it, so dainty so pretty! yet so pricey!


  14. ♥♥♥ all the cuppas! the dripping gold one is so gorgeous, and if i drank wine, i'd love some of the ones in the first pic :)

  15. I am loving the tea cup with legs! My mom collects dainty tea cups, I should get her that for x-mas!

    And may I just say I always enjoy reading your posts, nothing on your blog is ever boring :)

  16. those are so cuutteee...i would never use them though cuz i know i would break it some how...just putting them in the sink is a hazard

    i got greedy with the mask sheets -__- it'll take eons for me to finish now

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