Miscellany of Me

Feel free to chuck something sharp at me when I start to get tediously on your wick with my me me me shit.

I Love stickers - I collect them, stare at them, use them, love 'em and can't get enough of 'em. I found these on Gmarket and they are super duper!

Wine makes me sleepy! So after a strenuous day's work its a nice way to chill out.
P.S meet Anna!!
When I was a wee nipper I always imagined that our regular corkscrew looked sorta like a lady. So when I stumbled across Anna in the Alessi shop...I knew instantly that she had to be mine.

Check Anna out HERE!!!

Hiro makes me dinner! Last night we had panfried duck marinated in soy, heaps of ginger and spring onion. And because a girl needs her greens......fresh asparagus, green beans and rocket made the menu along with garlic penne.

Grabbed me some Urban Decay mini pencils so I can decorate my face.

I loved my Visee Glam Hunt Palette so when I heard about the new LE versions in mauve and brown I need to get BOTH. This knocks the socks of the original palette formula!!!
Applies buttery smooth and no chunky glitter fall out!

I also admitted a new BBC to my ranks of base makeup. BLOODY HELL!! This is water light!! For those that are seeking super light coverage this is for you.
Those that follow my Twits will know that my Halloween plans have been cancelled :( However I will still draw a winner from the entries on Monday.


  1. its your blog, its all about the 'me me me shit' =D Thats why we read it, because we're all nosy cows. =P

    Those VISEE palettes look so elegant. =)


  2. oooh lieole water bbcream, will check it out! i find the normal one too thick for me

    and the visee palettes hahahah wink

  3. ME ME ME Away...You know we're kindred Alessi souls, hun!!

    Love those Visee Palettes!

    Be sure and use your wine charms ;-)

  4. Supahhh stuffies! Like the palettes!

  5. Alcohol makes me sleepy too! I think that's why I never end up TOTALLY drunk... I fall asleep first. Haha.

    And hurray for the UD Pencil set :) I wonder why you bought those ;)

  6. Anna looks so graceful, I'm sure I've met her before :)
    A big pat on the back for Hiro as his dinner looks delightfully scrumptious!

  7. oooh i LOVE the urban decay mini pencils!! I'm such a colour-averse person when it comes to decorating my own face but still, the pencils are so cute!

  8. Your dinner looks so delicious! Yummy!!!

  9. i love stickers :) my collection is somewhere in a box at my parents house, haha

    Anna looks like a lovely little drinking companion! I'm still a novice with wines (can't manage red at all - prefer a really sweet white), but that's definitely a good way to unwind after a long day. those visee palettes look so pretty!

  10. OMG....cute stickers...oh well...I don't know how to order at Gmarket its too confusing for me...:D

  11. LOL Those are very cute stickers. Reminds me of Pupee! And Anna is just gorgeous cruzin between two glasses of vino!

    Mmmm.. DAYUM now that is a DINNER!! Yummos!!! And look at all the pretties you got for your face!! Though even as a bare canvas you know I still love it! ;)

    And Sorry again to hear about your All Hallow's Eve plans! :( But I do hope you get up to some mischief!!

  12. Oh those Visee palettes look soooo nice!

  13. O___O i want those palettes~!!

    love your stickers :D and MMMMM food..

  14. the mauve one looks so pretty, reminds me of the bobbi brown mauve collection, but i'm sure the visee one is a lot better


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