A little bit of me

My aim is not to bore you but I felt compelled to post some random ME stuff.

I love my Nintendo DS and I am thrilled to bits that I grabbed the new Prof. Layton game! If you have seen this game already then you don't need me to tell you that the graphics are stunning and the little puzzles are engrossing. I leave the maths type ones for Hiro...they make my head hurt.
p.s like my Yoshi?? KT made if for me!! He is the guardian of my DS.....don't mess! Check out her blog.....CLICK HERE!!

I like seeing old ladies sitting on neon chairs.

Gutermann sewing threads are the only threads I use! I discovered that it is a false economy to but the cheap threads that you can grab at the supermarket.....it nearly killed my machine! I also have a penchant for LE gift tins with a vintage feel.

When Hiro is not around. I eat quick not so healthy meals but I like giving the one finger salute to calorie counting....yeah calories...UP YOURS!

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) spaghetti. With a small nori mountain. I LOVE NORI!!

Once in a while I will buy Japanese mags because of the freebies!

Wouldn't get these in Brit mags.

Sekkisei skin care makes me happy, makes my skin happy and it smells wonderful and I cannot live without it. Those that follow my Twittering may have noted my panic attacks due to our diabolical postal strikes.......panic over!! It arrived.

If life gives you lemons.........gobble them! Ha
If any of my readers happen to visit the Hackney/Stoke Newington areas.....You must make a trip to Belle Epoque!

Wish you all a brilliant weekend and if you feel like it....drop me a line and tell me something random about yourself!


  1. i love this sorta posts, random and personal. love it! keep doing more please. the gutermann tin makes me drool. its the only thread i use too even for my overlocker/serger XD

    lemon tart...yumm how i miss hanging out with you
    hope i go back to uk soon else i await for you to get yourself to tokyo next year!

  2. Ah the Prof Layton game gets your seal of approval huh?! I was thinking about it! Hrmmm You protect away Yoshi!! :)

    LOL @ the lady in the pink chair! Mmmm... Mentaiko is good, but some are too spicy for me.. :( Oooohh lemon custard tarts? YUMMO!! I want I want!!

    Threads in sweet vintage tins?! NICE! :) And I didn't know that cheap threads mess with the machines. Good to know! Yay for cute Jap mags with cute bags! You don't get cuties like that in US mags either!

    And what products from the Sekkiesi line do you use?! I'm noisy I want to know! :) I'm glad your post got to you!! :)


  3. That Yoshi is too cute! Me and Mr L both loved the Curious Village - will have to pick up the new Professor Layton.

  4. Grace! Hahahaha its a brilliant game! I got mine on Amazon to save a few quid!

  5. Yummy post! KT has such fab cuddlies...I have a kitty myself!

    That spaghetti...OMG!! I love it! And the custard tarts!

  6. I love reading about you!!!! I love that neon chair!! Japanese magazines give you freebies..???

  7. oooh I had spaghetti last night, but it didn't come with a nori mountain like yours!

    random fact: I love to eat mushrooms! (not the drug kind tho, but the one you eat in salads & other dishes..lol)

  8. Yasumi - those tins are cute, I can see why you like them. And how cute are the freebies with the Japanese mags? Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was actually tihnking about buying a DS as they were on sale, but I missed it, alas. I think I'm going to get one anyway though :D

    That neon pink chair is pretty awesome. :D

  10. Loving the newly reformed you on here. I understand why you do it so I fully support you on that note!

    I love Nintendo DS. LOVE IT! I've been meaning to buy Prof. Layton but I'm to cheap hahaha... So guess what I do? I play it in the game shops instead. I think you can guess how the little kids there are looking at me!

    This might sound weird but I miss you!

    Where are you getting these wonderful quick meals? I usually go Japan Centre.

    Lol hard selling Belle Epoque I see! Don't worry, I'll head down there soon...

    Sorry for the long comment post! x

  11. <3 the neon chair, and the little old lady sitting in it :) I wish I could find magazines like that (with the freebies)...way too hard to find here!

    ooh I shall definitely look into the sekkisei line to replace my skincare items!

    something random...i feel like baking again. cookies and brownies, and i want to make bread :)

  12. Remind me to show you my DS! (^_^) Didn't know I had one huh? I have an R4 card too! *SHHH* Oh, and it's PINK. LOL

    I WISH I could say EFF U to calories but then I'd be a fkn'supah'fat'ass'mc'ass. XD

    dude, freakin freebies, thats retarded... i think i need to start pickin' up more mags but they are soooo heavy!!! LOL

    i love ya!

  13. I love old ladies sitting in neon chairs!:]

    And your DS is lovely~

    I <3 your "me" stuff.

  14. oh my gosh...

    my DS is TWINKLY and SPARKLY thanks to swarovskis... ahhahah and i love that Yoshi is protecting it!
    Professor Layton is soooo much fun, I couldn't stop playing it when i first got it!!!
    Now you make me wish I had brought it with me to Canada.

    I love love love this entry!!!

  15. I flippin looove mentaiko! Never had it with spaghetti though, I shall try that next time! Btw what happened to your blog :(?

  16. yummmmmm nori :DD oh gosh you're making me hungry.. well.. hungrier than i already am :(

  17. I love reading these random post, I get to know you more. I buy japanese magazine sometimes because of the freebies too..haha I'm drooling over your lemon tart. I think I'm going to give Sekkisei skin care a try. It hard for me to find a skin care that does not cause breakouts to my skin.

    Random fact: I bought a huge mango mousse cake to family dinner tonight. No special occasional, just want to eat it:]

  18. the scrunchie is cute, it's so difficult to find cute ones in canada
    i must admit i do that with the japanese magazines too, i think those who are like us probably have a big collection of free makeup cases or tote bags by now XD

  19. Me love your random post and YAY to the one finger salute at calories kekekeke. It's 12:17am in my end and I'm scoffing a strawberry sundae from the 24hrs Maccie D's.


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