I Spy......Barnaby

Eye spy a wonderful ceramic artist with a dark sense of humour and his name is Barnaby Barford.

You may know of Barnaby already. He is an accomplished London based artist who takes mass manufactured and antique porcelain figurines and reassembles them into something more sinister and frightfully marvellous. I love his work!

What is in a name? Something rather more than just brilliant if you ask me and Mr Barford has it down to a fine art. OK HALT with the mumbling jumble from me and on with the spying game:

"Come on you lightweight, down it"

"Mary had a little lamb"

"Dear God, thank you for protecting us"

"Ring a ring a roses"

"Wunderland?! What fucking postcode is that?"


  1. Love these. I think Mary had a little lamb is my favourite :)

  2. Oh my those are fantastic pieces!

  3. So cute! At first I thought you were referring to Barnaby the Scrivener...and was preparing to feel down for the next five minutes! haha

  4. omg at first I thought oh those are so cute! But wait a minute....whhat?? LOL!!

  5. These are so beautiful!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! The story about your father is so inspiring... Thank you for sharing!! I would love to visit Africa someday ... Talking elephants? I would love to try...Please say "Hello" to your father!xoxo

  6. The ceramic figures looks unique! Adorable!

  7. wow. I love the dark take on these figurines. <3

  8. Haha! That's too cute yet disturbing at the same time!! Right up our alleys! ;)

  9. Those are so cool! I like how he puts a dark twist on classics.


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