Eye Spy - Tim Burton

Let's play a game as old as old can be.

Let's play I SPY!

This chilly morning in London, I spy with my tired eyes:

"Tim Burton's Magical Fashion" on Harper's Bazaar:

Gimme more?

See the whole parade HERE!!


  1. I was always SO SO bad at I Spy. I love the wire bunny ears though. This shoot feels very gothic Alice in Wonderland to me. :)

  2. oh how fun :) fashion is fun to look at, though i could never create that kind of image in my mind for my own photoshoot purposes.

  3. Tim Burton is insane!! AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT!! :) Have you read is OysterBoy poems? They're really good. We all need some morbidity in life! ;)

  4. Tim Burton basically choreographed my early teenage years. These shots are absolutely stunning and I love them! May have to buy Harper's Bazaar (even though I don't usually) just so I can cut these out and put them on my wall. Amazing.

    Also, thanks for the geologist thing! I'm still a student, but I'm so sick of Craghoppers trousers and Edinborough Woolen Mill jumpers that I'm determined to be different, even if that does mean I'm the only person in the Department who wears heels... :)


  5. I spy with my little eye something beginning with "B"

  6. Tim Burton has such a nice style! <3 the dark yet colourfull colours!

  7. aww Justine!!

    Wuzzy - Oysterboy is fabby fab fab.

    MJ - ifI showed you pics of my geos you would slump in disdain it's khakis all the way :(

    FC - wowser!! I love em bags!!! oooh more things to drool over.

    Senita - exacto dark yet colourfull gets me everytime.

  8. I cannot describe just how much I love Tim Burton - he's the best at mixing dark and twisty with innocence! and I KNOW you cannot wait for his version of Alice in Wonderland to come out - it looks like it would be worth paying for the movie ticket!


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