The Age of The Marvellous

I was tripping over my own excitement when I heard about this exhibition. After all it is pretty seldom that you are promised a display of provocative art clustered under the theme of the "Wunderkammer"or Cabinet of Curiosities.
The Cabinet of Curiosities, lays it's origins in the Renaissance period and consisted of an eclectic collection of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined.
I am sooooo pleased to show you what grabbed my attention in this art filled containers called;
The Age of The Marvellous...hold on to your hats:

Alastair Mackie's "Sphere" 2003.

Made with mouse skulls retrieved from Owl droppings.

I cannot get my head around how near perfect the sphere is.

Art work consisting of taxidermy birds, brass and leather.

I loved the shadow that it cast.

Keith Tyson, Contemporary Grotesque Mastering
Another wonder who's shadow caught my imagination! Is it a knife? Nope t'is a fan!

Alaistair Mackie's Amorphous Organic

Chess anyone?

Alaistair Mackie "House"
I was transfixed by this large scale doll's house only to find out that it is made using the pulp of over 200 abandoned wasp and hornet nests.....I was then mesmerised.

draughty abandoned rooms.

Ace of Spades by Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz
ahem.......and me!

Another work by Polly Morgan "Carrion Call"
Made using taxidermy quail chicks

Polly Morgan has captured my imagination.

The exhibition space The Holy Trinity Church is wonderful......The white walls and chandeliers made me feel as though I were walking through my own header.

Paul Fryer "For Laplace - Fear"

A wax work made with glass eyes and bird wings a top a wooden spiral staircase.

If you are in the area, you really out to pop in.

Me - buzzed out by my reflection in disarray but opalescent.
I have accepted that I haven't lost my sense of wonder. Not unlike a child, I am still awe struck by surroundings and things like the works in this exhibition that challenge my everyday mental boundaries.
I am intrigued by the grotesque
Modern takes on religious images demand my attention
I may be more than a tiny bit twisted
Taxidermy a la Polly Morgan is has made me go WOW!
This post has given me a wonderful idea for a series of giveaways.......where are your boundaries?


  1. I love the "lost in wonder" pic!!

  2. lol! Now I'm going to have nightmares! My immediate thought was my new little hamster.

    That exhibit seems pretty sweet though!

    AHHH a mosquito just flew near me ::cringe::

    But I must say this is a great post since it's October and all :)

  3. This is an amazing exhibt! We never get anything cool like that down here! And you're not twisted! This has captured my attention as well! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. DSK - sorry dude!! I was hoping that people would think WTF is that and click to my blog to see more :)

    Wuzzy - I knew I could count on you! London based artists push the bar everytime and you know what's best?? ITS ALL FREE ENTRY!!

  5. Thank you for sharing the pics, and taking us on such an adventure. The Taxidermy birds and wax works really caught my eye.

  6. Oh my word, it's absolutely beautiful. I think everyone's a bit fascinated by the grotesque - it's kind of a reflection of the really deep dark parts of us. I was looking at the picture of the mouse skulls for ages...


  7. yasumi!! I e-mailed you but I'm not so sure I have the right e-mail....

  8. oh my GOSH.... i love it. love it love it. that sphere!! amazing!!

  9. i keep staring at the sphere - twisted but oh so AWESOME!! and i love the last photo of you :) I haven't bothered to go to exhibits here because they're something like $20+ to view...I was spoiled by all the free museums before moving here =T


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