Pretty Things That Caught My Eye - "Fancy a Cuppa?"

Allow me to introduce a new feature to my blog.

I am quietly but perpetually obsessive over pretty things that catch my eye. I am crazy about details such as texture, colour, materials etc. Yup, you could call me a devil for detail!!

So my hope is to inspire or at least amuse with my little themed posts chock-a-block with designy things that made me go oooooooooooooooooh! The first of which is:


Designed by Hrafnkell Birgisson.

Glass & ceramic

Made from second hand tea cups so each one is different. I would defo sip my Stoli from these.

More Deets Here!

Plant Cup designed by Gita Gshwendtner.

I feel like Alice!!! Like I have shrunk!! One lump or two?


Drip Tease Cup & Saucer designed by Reiko Kaneko

Fine bone china and 24 carat gold.


Get yours Here!!

Half Heart Mug Designed by Reiko Kaneko

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug, The simplicity of the idea and how well it has been executed delights my tea loving soul. I love things that make me say.....OF COURSE!! NOW WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!! And this does! I am actually placing an order for this very mug...that's how much I love it.


Deets Here!

Blaue Blume Red Shoes Tea Cup - Tina Tsang

Isn't it delightful?


Get the Deets Here!

Blaue Blume Teapot Gold Shoes - Tina Tsang
Because you will need one!


Get the Deets Here!

I do hope that I haven't bored you!

Before anyone asks, I have not been asked to promote any of the above designers on my blog! (Get real; I have a tiny readership). I just felt the need to share some pictures of things that I feel are well made and pay tribute to fertile imaginations. Such things will always grab my attention for they allow people like me to express their personality through everyday objects.

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Miscellany of Me

Feel free to chuck something sharp at me when I start to get tediously on your wick with my me me me shit.

I Love stickers - I collect them, stare at them, use them, love 'em and can't get enough of 'em. I found these on Gmarket and they are super duper!

Wine makes me sleepy! So after a strenuous day's work its a nice way to chill out.
P.S meet Anna!!
When I was a wee nipper I always imagined that our regular corkscrew looked sorta like a lady. So when I stumbled across Anna in the Alessi shop...I knew instantly that she had to be mine.

Check Anna out HERE!!!

Hiro makes me dinner! Last night we had panfried duck marinated in soy, heaps of ginger and spring onion. And because a girl needs her greens......fresh asparagus, green beans and rocket made the menu along with garlic penne.

Grabbed me some Urban Decay mini pencils so I can decorate my face.

I loved my Visee Glam Hunt Palette so when I heard about the new LE versions in mauve and brown I need to get BOTH. This knocks the socks of the original palette formula!!!
Applies buttery smooth and no chunky glitter fall out!

I also admitted a new BBC to my ranks of base makeup. BLOODY HELL!! This is water light!! For those that are seeking super light coverage this is for you.
Those that follow my Twits will know that my Halloween plans have been cancelled :( However I will still draw a winner from the entries on Monday.

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I Spy......Barnaby

Eye spy a wonderful ceramic artist with a dark sense of humour and his name is Barnaby Barford.

You may know of Barnaby already. He is an accomplished London based artist who takes mass manufactured and antique porcelain figurines and reassembles them into something more sinister and frightfully marvellous. I love his work!

What is in a name? Something rather more than just brilliant if you ask me and Mr Barford has it down to a fine art. OK HALT with the mumbling jumble from me and on with the spying game:

"Come on you lightweight, down it"

"Mary had a little lamb"

"Dear God, thank you for protecting us"

"Ring a ring a roses"

"Wunderland?! What fucking postcode is that?"

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Tortured Pearls - Necklace

I finally finished the necklace!!
The heaps of postal strikes have meant that it has taken ages for parts to arrive. All that aside, I am more than pleased with the finished result.
I have made this for a dear blogger. One that I have come to appreciate and call a friend. We tell each other stories and laugh at things that we probably shouldn't.
I hope that she likes it.

a deep red heart

a mega strong clasp to keep it together...
twisted tales....
and trapped gems

a lady in black and satin bows

I hope we never run out of stories.

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Thirst & A Bowl of Rice

I love living a hop , skip and a jump away from an independant cinema. Mainly because they show my kinda screenings that are usually shunned by the big chains.

I am really excited because the Korean film THIRST will be showing there next week and I do so like a decent Vamp tale (pukes at the thought of Twilight...sorry ladies x) Anyway this film is another by Park Chan-Wook of Old boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance/Mr Vengeance fame.

I got home super stinking late last night after work, food shopping and brawling with dumb bus drivers but I just had to make one of my fave donburi and a side of fresh veg.

Today I made, Sabayukaridon.
My dear Japanese readers, I am aware that this is not a traditional take on the dish! Remember that I live in London and one needs to hussle when it comes to ingredients!


Rice - duh!

Smoked mackrel (flaked)

Yukari or shiso (I think it is called perilla) in English furikake

Shirogoma (Toasted white sesame)

Finished with a splashing of spring onion.

I am such a massive donburi fan because it is quick to make, helps us use up leftover rice (we cook lots) and it's such a cosy comfort food.

Maybe I shall post some more donburi ideas and pics in the future???

Wish you all a fabulous weekend.

I am off to meet a super duper trooper of an MU blogger tomorrow


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She Loves...................

This post is a collection of fings that I LOVE.

Fings that make me smile.


Fings that I am stupidly particular about.

I LOVE wind-up toys!! I have about 10 different ones but these two volunteered for the pic.

POMELOS!!! The good thing about this time of year is that my local Turkish Supermarket stocks them again...they are sooooo yummy!! MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than grapefruit.

Japanese printed fabric. I plan to make some funky things with these.

Seaweed. In particular NORI!! Nori makes me happy. I do like wakame in my salad.

If I dont eat Japanese rice at least once a week...my tummy feels funny. It might be psychological...but it's not good.
I am so fussy with my rice. For me to enjoy it, it MUST be of the Japanese "sticky" kind. It MUST be either Akita Komachi or Kosi Hikari and it MUST be 1st harvest! Otherwise it is just bleurgh.

I guess you can describe it as rice seasoning. For as much as I adore a steaming bowl of hot pure naked rice.......I sometimes just want a bit more oooooomph!
I love this cute tenoritama container!! I take with me to work everytime I have to polish off last night's left over rice.

SHOYU or Soy Sauce
Another thing I am fussy about!!
IT HAS TO BE KIKKOMAN!! But not any Kikkoman.....it MUST be imported from Japan. Because I swear to you the stuff made in Europe DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME!!
I like the way this brand keeps the soy sauce simple and pure by only using very few ingredients and a brewing fermentation process for a full deep flavour and aroma.

Difference Between Kikkoman and Chinese Soy Sauce

My friends call me "Mayo-la"
Because I love Kewpie mayonnaise. I put it on my toast, my chips, my eggs, my everything.

I love Ferroro Rocher.
So when I was in Sicily and spotted a heap of different flavoured chocs.....strawberry, lemon and pistachio! mmmm

I think I have bored you enough today.
Looking forward to the weekend.

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Eye Spy....Shohei

Are you still playing?

I spy with my enchanted I, something beginning with "S".

Hello, my name is SHOHEI.
I draw a picture with a ball-point pen.

(the above was borrowed from the artists website)

I love Shohei's Work! I have picked but a handful of my favourites to show you. Do visit the website yourself to see more.

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The Age of The Marvellous

I was tripping over my own excitement when I heard about this exhibition. After all it is pretty seldom that you are promised a display of provocative art clustered under the theme of the "Wunderkammer"or Cabinet of Curiosities.
The Cabinet of Curiosities, lays it's origins in the Renaissance period and consisted of an eclectic collection of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined.
I am sooooo pleased to show you what grabbed my attention in this art filled containers called;
The Age of The Marvellous...hold on to your hats:

Alastair Mackie's "Sphere" 2003.

Made with mouse skulls retrieved from Owl droppings.

I cannot get my head around how near perfect the sphere is.

Art work consisting of taxidermy birds, brass and leather.

I loved the shadow that it cast.

Keith Tyson, Contemporary Grotesque Mastering
Another wonder who's shadow caught my imagination! Is it a knife? Nope t'is a fan!

Alaistair Mackie's Amorphous Organic

Chess anyone?

Alaistair Mackie "House"
I was transfixed by this large scale doll's house only to find out that it is made using the pulp of over 200 abandoned wasp and hornet nests.....I was then mesmerised.

draughty abandoned rooms.

Ace of Spades by Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz
ahem.......and me!

Another work by Polly Morgan "Carrion Call"
Made using taxidermy quail chicks

Polly Morgan has captured my imagination.

The exhibition space The Holy Trinity Church is wonderful......The white walls and chandeliers made me feel as though I were walking through my own header.

Paul Fryer "For Laplace - Fear"

A wax work made with glass eyes and bird wings a top a wooden spiral staircase.

If you are in the area, you really out to pop in.

Me - buzzed out by my reflection in disarray but opalescent.
I have accepted that I haven't lost my sense of wonder. Not unlike a child, I am still awe struck by surroundings and things like the works in this exhibition that challenge my everyday mental boundaries.
I am intrigued by the grotesque
Modern takes on religious images demand my attention
I may be more than a tiny bit twisted
Taxidermy a la Polly Morgan is has made me go WOW!
This post has given me a wonderful idea for a series of giveaways.......where are your boundaries?

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