19 Apr 2014

| Thinking | Re-Thinking Ageing

I don't often buy magazines but I went out of my way to seek out and buy Kinfolk's issue 10 which was all about things that get better with age.

The reason why it called out to me is because it offers a refeshing and multi-stranded perspective on aging best summed up by Nathan Williams (Kinfolk's editor in chief) and Georgia Frances King (Kinfolk's editor);

“The older folks in our lives can teach us a lot about how we should live. We believe we’re made fuller by the people, meals and traditions of things past. Other aspects of life also improve with a little time: wine, truffles, a good jar of sauerkraut. Simplicity in design survives longer than the complex. Processes such as fermenting, pickling and curing bring out the flavors in foods through extending their lives. While making this issue, we’ve gleaned kindhearted advice from the elderly friends in our lives, and they all speak the same message: Love a lot, laugh often and once you’re over the peak of that hill, prepare for life to pick up pace as gravity brings you rolling back down the other side. So please: Pour yourself a hot drink, curl up on the couch and enjoy our fresh take on old things.”

This is such a gorgeous publication and I would recommend this issue to anyone with similar view on life to  us. There are still a few copies to be found in independent book/magazine sellers and I have found some on Amazon too.

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16 Apr 2014

| Ideas | Every Last Drop

The Model 401 Heavy Duty Tube-Wringer sat at the top of my wish list for months and months.

Why? Well, because we are the type of people who will cut open an tube and scrape out every last drop of something before binning it. And yes, I have a peculiar attraction to those ziggy-zaggy metal tubes that you sometimes find in well curated little shops.

Hiro bought us one of these nifty tube-wringers before Christmas. We got a bit addicted to it as you can see. We then gave it away to our friend who was visiting from Japan. He's a dentist (they have loads tubes no?) so naturally he NEEDED it. Last weekend , we bought a replacement and we are happily wringing every tube in sight once more. it works best with metal tubes and great with some of the thinner plastic ones, less good on the thicker plastic tubes.

The Model 401 Heavy Duty Tube-Wringer is an all metal construction with steel handle and aluminium rollers. The manufacturers, Gill Mechanical Company claim that the device gets 30% more out of each tube. While I cannot vouch for that, I can say it does help us get more out of every tube.

Funnily, every sales assistant we spoke to who's come across this contraception, seems to have taken one home and also developed a wringing fever of their own. If you fancy getting hold of one of your own, enquire with  J. Glinert for availability. 


Item: Tube-wringer
Country of origin: Made in Orgeon, USA
Made of: Steel and aluminium

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