This is one of my favourite local walks. One walk. So many walls. So Many perspectives.

Another one of my favourite things is a white shirt. Okay, it's not just a favourite thing. It is a real obsession. I have been white-shirt-crazy since I was 15 and now that I am in the outer limits of 30 the obsession seems stronger than ever.

Shirt from Monki. Trousers from COS. Slip-ons from Office.

Shirt from Monki. Trousers from COS. Slip-ons from Office.
Shirt from Monki. Hair pins from COS.
Shirt from Monki. Trousers from COS. Slip-ons from Office.
Cooker, mattress and assorted items from a floating skip barge.

It is fair to say that white shirts are the closest thing I have to life's uniform. I wear them wherever I am. No matter how mucky.

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| Life | Just Reset

Some weeks are meant to test us and by Friday we wind up with knots grinding us down, down, down.

Weekends is the time to reset our minds and ease our souls back into their natural groove. Bad vibes, get left outside the door. No space for them here since the little man arrived.

Eames DAR chair by Vitra. Elephant comforter from Jojo Maman Bebe.

Bedding from Muji

Book by Oliver Jeffers

Mobile by Flensted from Howkapow

Glo-ball lamp by Jasper Morrison for FLOS
Totoro puppet by Sun Arrow

We linger in bed together a little longer. We watch swallows glide across the skies of our bedroom. We read stories in funny voices. We play with soft toys. We hide under our pillows, We pull funny faces and laugh till our faces ache. 

We do anything to see the little man smile.

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| Photo Diary | Dead Lock

"Our world, like a charnel-house, is strewn with the detritus of dead epochs." 
Le Corbusier.

The locks of east London have become a source of fascination for us. We walk aside them accompanying their murky passengers as canal turns into river. 

It's the combination how the bridges make lines that cut across the fluidity of the water. The neglect, containment and stagnation against the perpetuity of the river. Then the colour palate of dirty muted shades that make these waterways a place of beauty for us. 

Not everyone will shares our taste. It is not a place that can be immediately appreciated as pleasing to the eye. The beauty of this place needs to be earned and learned and in turn it enriches our aesthetic horizons.

These photos were taken along the Lee Navigation in Bow Creek. We highly recommend this area for interesting walks.

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| Photo Diary I Sunset Snack

From where we are;
Sunset casts a jagged horizon.
Slabs of shadow,
Spray can clouds,
Graffiti skies.
I want to devour the sight.
Digest it into my memory.

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| Shop | The Peanut Vendor

A couple of weeks ago, we found The Peanut Vendor on one of our walks. Since then, we've stopped by a few times for coffee, cacti or just an eyeful.

The Peanut Vendor is filled with a tempting assortment of gifts, furniture and spiky or spike-less plants jostling amid intoxicating aroma of good coffee. 

I was so happy to spot some items from independent makers and sellers such as The Earl of EastMeticulous Ink and Concrete Jungles on the shelves

Located on Gunmakers Lane, The Peanut Vendor enjoys an inviting location within sight of the Hertford Union Canal and the vast Victoria Park beyond that. 

We definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Check out more places that we like HERE

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| MUSIC | Scorcher

LONDONERS! We hope you are all stepping out today. The sun is out and the day is glowing! Get out there and take the best of your good vibes with you.

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