| Night Lights | Dom Luis Bridge

The Dom Luis bridge of Porto takes on a different mood at night. A sort of emanating ebullience really quite different from the spirit of its more austere daytime face.

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| What I Wore | Dress Up and Goat

Don't you ever have one of those days where you just want to get a bit dressed up and hang out with a goat? Nah? Actually neither do I. But Hiro said it would be fun and it was going okay till the goat tried to take a nibble out of my shoe. 

Skirt from Reiss. Top and Shoe from ASOS. Clutch from Aspiga. 

These days, I don't wear skirts as much as I used to. Yet my rediscovering of an unworn skirt in the back of my wardrobe before we holidayed in the Greek Islands seems to have rekindled my love for them all over again. Finding forgotten clothes again is much better than shopping I think.

This is my entry into the marvellous Mis Papelicos' Share in Style. Check out all the other entries HERE.

Location: Zakynthos, Greece.

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| Photo Diary | Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Burn out stripe top from ASOS. Backpack from Size? Eastpak, Shorts from Warehouse, Trainers Nike Air 90's
Cap from New Era, T-shirt from Ridley Road Market.

We go to Notting Hill every year for the sound systems, the caribbean food and the good vibes. The air fills with the smells of the jerked everything edged with a touch of ganja. The sounds are intoxicating and the streets shake under the thumping speakers and the riot of rumps-a-shaking. 

We think of the wind rush veterans who settled in London from the Caribbean. We celebrate their rich roots and thank heavens that they brought their musical heritage (and food) to London. Trinidad & Tobago for carnival and Jamaica for the sound system. 

And when carnival ends we want to shout for a pull-up and come again selecta. 

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| Photo Diary | Ameyoko

It felt right and good to find ourselves back in Ameyoko again earlier this year. We trod through the market with friends, Hiro always a few paces behind us all taking photos and me chatting in my usual slightly wild animated way that makes people look at me with both eyebrows raised.

We stopped to snack on some fried sho lon po which I'd never had before. Just looking at these photos again makes me want to go back and demolish a plateful.

Ameyoko is a thriving market in downtown Tokyo. It's a loud, busy and spirited place full of bargains, street food stalls and enough to keep shoppers, hagglers, people watchers and foodies busy for hours.

Its energy reminds us a bit of a few markets here in London (Ridley Road & Brixton) which makes us love Ameyoko even more. 

How to get there: Go to Ueno Station or Okachimachi Station and you can't miss it.

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| Everyday People | Washing Man

We often put our fate in our feet, and map-lessly throw caution to the wind to let adventure have it's way with us. It was on such a stroll in Porto, (does a 4 hour walk still count as a stroll?), that we stumbled across a curious sight..... 

An old man, peacefully seeing to a hefty pile of laundry flanked by a crumbling assortment of buildings. On one side, languished a dilapidated building who's riverside perch and grand proportions hint at a much more exuberant past. On the other side, a somewhat forlorn and neglected church.

He was very gracious in letting us duck beneath his washing line and scamper across to further explore the ruins beyond. All the while, he was dutiful in watching over his newly hand washed garments and would occasionally turn them as they swayed in the afternoon sun. Unbeknownst to him, he made quite an impression on us and we will forever regard this as one of the most wonderful laundrettes that we've even seen.

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| Recurring Themes | The Highest Point

Remember how we spoke about the recurring themes that we compulsively but less consciously photograph during adventures and everyday life? (Here is a little nudge if you don't)

Well, it turns out that we are not the only ones catching themes and we are grinning from ear to here with delight that one of our favourite bloggers has agreed to share one of her themes here.

Katrina is an illustrator and film photographer who's skills we continue to admire. Her photos are mesmerising and with a consistent quality that never fails to spark  our respect.

Katrina says......

"When I am out with a camera in my hands, I don’t just photograph stuff that caught my eyes. I also look up and take photos of the highest point of buildings - they look kind of abstract in that angle and also interesting against blue (or grey!) sky. It is like I want to make the most of the area where I am photographing, to take pictures of what it look like up there when they are rarely being looked at."

Do take a look at her blog and her splendid shop and be prepared to be inspired.

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